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About us

Digipublishing digital marketing proposition.

Organisations are constantly challenged to meet the dynamic demands of an online business.

We evolved to enable us to optimise our time and effort to drive demand and easily support online marketing strategies.

Digipublishing have a solution that addresses these challenges by providing digital marketers with one place to measure, analyse, and optimise integrated data from all online initiatives across multiple marketing channels.

Digipublishing will cost-efficiently create, distribute, and optimise digital content for consumption on a broad array of devices. We design captivating interfaces, graphics to capture and apply key audience and traffic insights to improve content and deepen engagement and screen interactions.

Digipublishing create content and seed links with tried and tested key influencers.

We will have deep analytics reports into audience consumption and usage patterns. We address these divergent needs through immersive, interactive experiences to broaden our base of loyal readers, customers.

As new media channels surface, connected consumers expect nonstop access to on-demand experiences across digital devices. Broadcast and media companies must adapt to compete in the new multiscreen reality. Digipublishing provides marketers with actionable, real-time web analytics intelligence about digital strategies and marketing initiatives. Create deeper, more meaningful viewer experiences. Adding interactivity to in-house studio productions.

Digipublishing refine content and performance across multiple digital channels using location based, real-time, high-performance analytics and reporting.

Recent Work

Latest work example

web design agency

Windows 8 App Store Delivery for MTV

Windows 8 apps Skills used: IA, Wireframes, UX, UI, Design, Development: C#, JQuery, Javascript, JSON, API, Omniture Analytics, SVN, Bug Tracking

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web design agency

XBox App Project Management for Last.fm

XBox appSkills used: IA, Wireframes, UX, UI, Design, Development: C#, JQuery, Javascript, JSON, API, SVN, Bug Tracking

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web design agency

Project Management for Microsoft

Microsoft Skills used: Tender review, Pitch Presentation, Project Plan creation, Milestone Timelines, Basecamp setup, 10+ concurrent projects, Managing around 10 Internal staff, Delivering Projects on-time within budget, Dev testing, Resource Planning, Timetracking and Full Client Management including daily calls and face to face meetings.

Next work example

web design agency

Creating Android apps

Android Mobile Skills used: IA, Wireframes, Sitemap, UX, UI, Design, C#